Was China Backing The Brotherhood?

Going back to 20 October 2023, Chinese police moved in on the scam syndicates in northern Myanmar and arrested 100,000 people. A week later, the Brotherhood Alliance, an alliance of 3 insurgent armies, namely the Kokang (MNDA), Arakan and Ta’ang armies attacked government positions. While they appeared to be fighting for democracy, commander of the alliance Peng De Ren does have an axe to grind against the Bai family occupying Kokang territory. Bai Suo Ren was Peng De Ren’s late father, Peng Jia Sheng’s deputy who betrayed him in 2009.

With the mass arrests which occurred just before Operation 1027, many people believed that China was financing the Brotherhood Alliance to teach the scam syndicates a lesson. But no sooner had fighting started when China called for peace talks. The insurgent forces had also disrupted the cross-border economy with China. Things just don’t add up. The Brotherhood’s primary objective was clearly to purge junta control over the country’s peripheries and not to attack the scam syndicates.

Then, in an interview with NHK, Myanmar’s National Unity Government’s exiled Minister of Foreign Affairs Zin Mar Aung stated in no uncertain terms that the NUG had been working with insurgents for a year to prepare the attacks on the Myanmar government. Clearly claiming responsibility, she also announced that this operation was just the beginning. 1027 was not carried out at China’s behest nor with Chinese support as some among the cheering masses thought.

I was right all along. We now know for sure that it’s the NUG that was responsible for organising 1027 and not China. However, Peng De Ren, the commander on the ground must have struck a deal with Chinese authorities to “arrest” (i.e. evacuate) their scam operators on 1020 before the Brotherhood attacked.

Miscalculating China

Folks who are optimistic about China always look at the size of its market and the enormous potential for businesses. Many Taiwanese businessmen have thus been lured into the motherland. They know the drill. Tell mainlanders how bad Taiwan is, how they can’t wait for unification etc. They believe that they can be accepted and integrated.

Learned A New Term 洗人口

洗人口 is a very interesting concept. I would classify it under the dirty trick of 反客为主 though it’s not as insidious as the whole process takes place in clear sight. It’s just that people who are “too busy minding their own business” ignore it. Young HK activist 羅子維 now living in exile in Taiwan tells us how the quota for mainland students in HK universities keep going up, squeezing local bona fide HK students out. Sounds familiar?

With 洗人口, the invaders don’t even need to use weapons or coercion. Over time, the local population gets diluted to such an extent that even if it’s a democracy, the invaders will eventually outvote the locals and turn it into their country. A new dirty trick from modern China.

周海媚 Kathy Chow’s Medical Notes


周海媚 (1966-2023) was a very popular TV/movie star in the 1990s. Like Jackie Chan, Alan Tam, Eric Tsang et al, she became one of the few female HK artists who aligned themselves with mainland politics. She was even China’s vaccine ambassador, having publicly shared pictures of her confidently receiving 4 shots of China made vaccines on social media.

After her sudden death on 11 December 2023 which coincided with a spike in COVID cases, leaked medical notes sparked both interest and outcry.

Chinese media reports focussed on the item of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. SLE was suddenly trending on searches. But it should be noted that SLE is chronic and easily manageable with modern medicine. A wealthy person like 周海媚 shouldn’t have died from SLE in a big city like Beijing.

What’s more significant than her history of SLE are the other details in the notes which though intrusive, are of public interest.

The notes were dated 11 December 2023. Time 11:11. She was found unconscious by her colleagues at 10:00 and her “heart had stopped an hour”. I presume it means that the trip to the hospital took one hour and the ambulance staff had been resuscitating her.

Either at the hospital or on the ambulance, she was given adrenaline, sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.

She remained unconscious, with stiffness, no heart beat, no body warmth, livor mortis. Her pupils were dilated and subconjunctival haemorrhage 8mm in diameter was observed.

Her recent medical history is most telling. She had been coughing for a week from asthmatic pneumonia and she had been on supplemental oxygen at home. Her symptoms were more serious in the early mornings and nights.

The COVID conspiracy theorists should take note that people with SLE are more prone to asthma. Subconjunctival haemorrhage is also consistent with asphyxia.

But then, is this report even real? Apparently, a nurse at the hospital has taken a shot of it, shared with her boyfriend and he (only reported as Mr Fu) was the one arrested. One obvious anomaly is the one hour that had elapsed between 周海媚’s colleagues discovering her and her arrival at the hospital. If her heart had really stopped for one hour, she ought to have been treated as dead on arrival. No medication would have been necessary.

Knowing her own condition, why was she not prudent enough to live within 5 minutes from a medical facility? As someone with SLE, she’s probably on steroids, making her vulnerable to infections. On the other hand, recent studies have found that some patients recovering from COVID presented with SLE signs and symptoms. Could 周海媚 be one of them? Could it be the vaccine that had triggered all this knowing that everything in China has to be 遥遥领先?

This theory is not without basis. China’s Google, Baidu had removed her once proudly displayed vaccination record. Her last booster “shot” was a nasal spray taken on 22 December 2022. But why did they have to remove that record? It’s not that they claimed that the vaccine confers immortality. Why can’t a person who had taken that vaccine have died for whatever reason?

Under Chinese law, the victim’s family reserves the right to sue the hospital but so far, in spite the spate of medical records of celebrities being leaked (Nicholas Tse, JJ Lin etc), perpetrators who disclosed confidential medical records have only seen a maximum of 9 days detention.

Evergrande Song & Dance Troupe

This is the once renowned Evergrande Song & Dance Troupe. Entertainment fit for royalty. All recruits had to be handpicked by Mr Xu Jiayin. Selected talents undergo rigorous training and were required to provide outstanding performances and visual feasts for special guests which included government officials and dignitaries. Jack Ma used to be a regular in the audience. Just by looking at this song and dance troupe, the uninformed may not know that the company is currently bankrupt.

Founded by Xu Jiayin in Guangzhou in 1996, property developer Evergrande grew at an amazing speed, taking on massive debt to rapidly expand the company, with thousands of developments across China. The company went public in 2009. As of June it owned land reserves of 190 square km.

Hui was at one time China’s third-richest man. His personal fortune peaked at more than US$36bn in 2019, according to Forbes, before plunging to an estimated $3.2bn by early 2023.

The trouble began in 2021. Amid Chinese government concerns over high debt levels in the property industry, a regulatory crackdown meant Evergrande found itself unable to make interest repayments on more than US$300bn in debt, sending China’s housing development sector into a liquidity crisis. The company started forcing its employees to buy and sell “investment products” which were really a way of raising capital by selling debt instruments.

Throughout its period of rapid expansion, Evergrande had been operating its business more or less like a pyramid scheme. Sales proceeds from one development are used to pay for the development of a new development long before the sold development has been completed. All this has been allowed to take place because government officials had chosen to look the other way.

At least 100,000 buyers of undelivered apartments have already been affected since Evergrande’s woes escalated in 2021, and a full collapse will mean an inability to maintain and complete units that are already occupied. Evergrande has filed for bankruptcy in the US in order to protect its US assets.

Many victimised homeowners point out that while the company was supporting the dance troupe to entertain government officials and dignitaries (so that they could continue with their shady schemes), they didn’t seem to have the money to complete their construction projects.

The End Of Glorious Hong Kong?

In the past, the mainland “patriots” would call out Westerners who wished that Hong Kong could be run under a separate system from the mainland because they are jealous of China. Well, Hong Kong’s National Security Law has been in place for more than 3 years now. A bit of “patriotic” investing and show of confidence brought things up in early 2021. After that, it was downhill all the way. Like Chip Tsao said, the numbers don’t lie. Patriotism can’t hold the market up for long. Only investor confidence will.

HSI last 5 years

Hong Kong’s economy is going downhill. That’s clear for all to see. What’s surprising, perhaps, is the mockery that is coming from Hong Kong’s “own people” – the mainlanders. The paradox is mind-boggling. Back in 2020, the mainlanders cheered for Hong Kong. The former British colony had finally returned to the motherland for real. No more “Western” nonsense. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is better.

Well, it clearly isn’t – which is demonstrated in both Hong Kong and the mainland. Foreign investors are leaving and instead of reflecting, Chinese people think that foreign and Taiwanese enterprises are being stupid or prejudiced.

But why aren’t the patriots picking up the slack? Action and money put in one’s mouth speak louder than words.

Na Ying Arrested?

It’s certainly not mere speculation or rumour. Hunan Television has removed all video footage with the famous Chinese singer on its platform. Not only that, the station has been playing the latest song by Na Ying’s nemesis Dao Lang. Such a “precautionary” move could not have come about without a clear signal from the top political echelon.

Rumour had it that the Party’s disciplinary committee summoned Na Ying for questioning in September. Of course, a singer like Na Ying couldn’t have been the target of this committee’s investigation. She is likely to be a key personality in some political leader’s downfall.

Watch the following video for more info.