The China Experience

A Taiwanese businessman who has bailed out in time. A Panamanian diplomat who (like many citizens of his country) was against his government’s decision to sever ties with Taiwan. A documentary director on Ecuador being a “stolen” country on the Belt and Road project.

Listen to what they have to say about their China experience. Listen to the doubts and anxieties of Taiwanese people today. You now know what China is like. So what are you willing to sacrifice to get rich from China’s money? What are your priorities, your values, your morals? Do you have a conscience?

Loves Scams Operated by Chinese and Hosted by Cambodia

I’ve got everything I need to understand these operations from just one BBC documentary.

Love scams operated by Chinese, hosted by Cambodia. Women are just as vulnerable. Many people are so impressed with the facade of immense wealth and success that they jump to the conclusion that these folks must be doing something “right”. Businesses with the least regard for laws, morals and human rights make the most money in the shortest time. Such “efficiency” is more often admired than questioned. Scammers continue to operate. Like they say 只要后台够硬,杀人不用偿命。