Dream Of A Miao City

There are some mainlanders who laugh at Taiwan for being old and rundown while boasting that even historical relics in China are new. This is a “historical” site, obviously rebuilt to imitate the original. The name of the site is Kai Li. This construction project is a replica of the ancient city. Like the folks who constructed Punggol Waterway, Chinese developers have similar plans to create an attraction, then build premium residential projects around it.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out for Kai Li. Judging from the condition of the weathered construction materials, the construction project must have been abandoned for quite a while. Mr Shi found someone maintaining the estate and from him, he managed to gather some information.

The project is called Miao Wang City. It has been under construction for two years and abandoned for more than a year. The uncle and other residents in the area are all from the Miao minority. Xiang Lu Shan is the hill behind the city. The drone footage shows the grandeur of the complex. It’s the architect’s impression of what a Miao city should look like.

There is an article on Miao Wang City posted in April2019 when the place was still “under construction”. Interestingly, the article looked like another sales pitch.

“光是看着大门,就不禁让人赞叹:这个旅游景点怎可能不火!” Just looking at the gate will take your breath away. How can this place not become a sizzling top travel destination?

It has been a huge waste of resources. The developers borrow from banks to construct. The investors borrow from banks to buy. When non-performing loans threaten to sink the banks, they pull the plug, resulting in these ghost cities. China’s economic miracle is balancing on the apex of a pyramid of debt.