C919 国产大飞机 Really 国产?

The Comac C919 is a narrow-body airliner developed by Chinese aircraft manufacturer Comac. The development program was launched in 2008. Production began in December 2011, with the first prototype being rolled out on 2 November 2015; the maiden flight took place on 5 May 2017. On 29 September 2022 the C919 received its CAAC type certificate. The first production airframe was delivered to China Eastern Airlines on 9 December 2022 and was put into commercial passenger service on 28 May 2023.

C919 model

The aircraft, primarily constructed with aluminium alloys, is powered by CFM International LEAP turbofan engines and carries 156 to 168 passengers in a normal operating configuration up to 5,555 km (3000 nmi; 3,500 mi). In 2023, COMAC announced that it would develop both a shortened and a stretched version of the passenger jet – similar to the sub-variants offered for the competing Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320neo family.


Only the tail, wings, fuselage and radar cover are made in China. I’m not sure if it’s a good aircraft, but which country in the world would have the termity to call such an aircraft 国产?

Protest And Get Famous

Here is a clueless supporter of the CCP who, like many Palestinian supporters, have no idea what he is supporting or protesting against. We see him in this video harassing Dr K with the flag of China and some Chinese slogan which he probably can’t read.

In China, people slam Japan or the West to get famous and earn money on Douyin. In the West, people go against the mainstream to gain fame and lead the left wing.

His identity is not really important. What’s more telling is his “history”. This man had once protested against the indictment against Julian Assange, saying no to a surveillance state. Ironically, it’s a well-known fact that China is the most advanced and high tech surveillance state in the world.

Could he be like one of those pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protesters who don’t really know what they are standing up for? But the most pathetic folks have to be those who CCP fans who had lost their shirts investing in scams in China and still think that China has a good system. Faith and ethno nationalism conquer reason.

Of course, the really shameless ones are those who keep praising China’s superiority but place their best on America instead.

Evergrande Dance Troupe (disbanded)

林丹丹, 白珊珊, 钱香香 (haha) , 徐雯雯,陈婷婷,马莎莎,蒋露露,吴娜娜,齐媛媛 etc top performers in Mr Xu Jiayin’s Evergrande Dance Troupe (now disbanded). The names tell you something about Mr Xu and his backers’ fetishes. He had money to support the dance troupe but had no money to complete the construction projects.

The Truth About Nakba

Those who don’t have time to read books should watch this video. Of course, a lot happened after the events mentioned in the video but here are some simple background facts to show that the ongoing conflict is a part of an endless cycle of revenge. The first partition plan was the Peel Plan which gave only 17% of the land to the Jews. The Jews accepted the plan but the Arabs in Palestine (note that I didn’t use the word Palestinian) rejected it outright. They wanted the land to be ruled by Arabs only. Jews and other non-Muslims could only be second class citizens.


After WW2, the Jewish population increased, so another partition plan was proposed, this time by the UN in 1947. The land area given to the Jews was significantly increased, but it should be noted that the southern region was an arid desert and whoever lived there would have to figure out how to irrigate and cultivate the land. The Jews would accomplish that on their own.


Again, the Arabs in Palestine rejected the UN’s plan. The Jews went ahead to declare the state of Israel in 1948. Soon after that, the first Arab-Israeli war broke out. In subsequent wars, Israel would grab more and more land as they grew from strength to strength. The West Bank was a part of Jordan. Gaza was a part of Egypt.


Till this day, the Arabs have not defined any Palestinian territory. They want everything from the river to the sea. If you were an Israeli, would you defend your homeland or would you surrender to a jihadist administration plagued by terrorism. Nobody is innocent. Both sides have blood on their hands. Don’t pick the weaker side by default because that’s the woke thing to do. Pick the lesser of two evils. Pick wisely.