Screening For Marriage Chinese Style

Many of us will be shocked by this happening in modern China, but in a society where males exceed females by some 300 million, it’s not easy to satisfy the eligible women’s criteria. The encounters are probably staged in this video. Couples would have stated their criteria and chatted quite a bit online before actually meeting up.

My mother is a firm believer in 相亲. She believes that compatibility is everything and “children” don’t know what’s good for them. Similar to arranged marriages, prerequisites set by both parties decide whether the blind date is going anywhere. This video mocks the unrealistic expectations of Chinese women who are well aware that there are not enough of them to go around.

Below is a video shot by a matchmaker. Some women actually see marriage as as a means to raise their social and financial status. If they have no money, they want a rich man. If they are not well educated, they want someone well educated. How convenient.