Taiwan Cousin Exposed

She first became famous after her videos praising the CCP-governed mainland, criticising Taiwan and wishing for quick reunification went viral. She claimed that it was her first trip to China and she was fascinated with how progressive China was compared to Taiwan. That was 2021 and she had remained in Shanghai ever since.

In the video below, she suddenly made a tearful announcement that she had to go back to Taiwan to deal with of some issues with her family in Taiwan. Xiamen uncle Li Lansi is making fun of her in their shared Minnan dialect (Hokkien), questioning if she’s just acting and pretending that she really needs to go back or she found out the truth about CCP-governed China. Yes, last year, she was still basking in glory, praising how well China had handled the pandemic with everyone not needing to wear masks. This year, she probably had a taste of extreme lockdown.

Below is a compilation of her numerous videos made over the last two years. It’s true that she had been scolded by Taiwanese netizens for her fakery, but her laudatory comments about CCP-governed China were not censored.

Yes, she looks different. She did something to her nose, lips and eyelids.

So what’s her background? She was already an actress before she went over and decided to settle down on the mainland. She first appeared in China’s thinly-veiled political videos on social media in 2019. She played a clueless character from Taiwan fascinated with the mainland’s advanced technology.

Those videos were a flop. She also took part in China’s “reality” TV shows. All these happened more than 2 years ago, showing that she was lying when she said that she first discovered the wonderful truth about China in 2021. How convincing is she when she said that she was going back to Taiwan because of some important family matters?

Changing Tact

First, biting the hand that feeds you. The people most supportive of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are not Russians. Anti-war messages on Weibo and WeChat are all deleted. Those that cheer the Russian forces on are allowed to go viral.

By a vote of 13 to two, with Vice-President Kirill Gevorgian of Russia and Judge Xue Hanqin of China dissenting, the ICJ ruled that Russia “shall immediately suspend the military operations that it commenced on 24 February.”

China’s position is not neutral. But for how long can China go on supporting Russia – which is just about its only ally. Will China eventually change tact?

Women’s Rights

Many Chinese people took the opportunity to “celebrate” International Women’s Day by championing women’s rights, both on social media and on the streets. Passersby who questioned the actions of the men in white and in blue were concerned that she might have been kidnapped or trafficked. This is quite unlikely because human traffickers in China are professionals and could not have been so maladroit.

The truth is, this woman came from the provinces to make a petition. Maybe she’s been watching too many Justice Bao episodes and thinks it works in modern China. The men restraining her were probably plainclothes policemen. She’s likely to end up in an unofficial detention centre without being formally arrested (she didn’t commit any crime).

The second video shows a group of uniformed police officers making an arrest, accusing a man of instigating others in his WeChat group to march on Tiananmen Square to speak out for the chained woman in Xuzhou. He denied it. On 3 March 2022, the Internet police in China tracked down every single WeChat and Weibo posting on the chained Xuzhou woman.