Ziwei Park

The China Ziwei (Myrtle) Park is located in Yinji Township, Xiangcheng District. It covers an area of ​​15,000 mu and is the largest botanical theme park in the country. Here’s Baidu’s pitch, promoting this park as a major tourist attraction (my rough translation):

The park features the crape myrtle flower in Xiangyang City a flower that is mentioned in numerous Chinese classics and ancient poems. The atmosphere of the park is conducive to the establishment of a tourist resort integrating travel, ecological appreciation, wilderness vacation, leisure and wellness.

The park comprises 4 main areas, namely Ginkgo Garden, Linxiu Hubei, Moonlit Lotus Pond, and Weixiang Valley. There are some 20 smaller theme parks inside the complex. At the Ginkgo Garden, you can watch peacocks and take the ropeway, chill and admire the views from the water pavilion.

At Linxiu Hubei you can take a lakeside stroll or walk through the forest or go boating on the emerald waters. At Moonlit Lotus Pond you can explore the floating lotus water village and enjoy the countryside atmosphere. Fragrance Valley-in midsummer season you can watch a sea of myrtle flower bloom and immerse yourself in romantic myrtle culture.

Every summer, the entire park is covered in a sea of myrtle flowers. There are more than 20 varieties of wild myrtle and cultivated myrtle species planted here with millions of blooms. Projects currently under development include: 紫薇慧谷、紫薇大世界、紫薇广场、紫薇水街、婚庆广场、林秀湖北、农业采摘园、垂钓园、户外拓展园、阳光沙滩及各类植物园. There are now more than 300 species of trees and flowers planted here, fulfilling the target of maximum greenery.

Below is Mr Shi Bing Feng’s video shot on location at the park. The outdated (mis)information on the park is still live on Baidu. Remember the Chinese saying 龙头蛇尾. Be careful where you invest your money. Most successful ventures in China are hit and run undertakings. More here.