Enigmatic & Inscrutable

A timely movie tries to justify “Covid sacrifices”. To save the earth in 2058, individuals above 50 were sacrificed. The audience applauded, but were they thinking? Who would fall under that category? Are they willing to sacrifice themselves for mistakes made by their leaders? Yes and no. Yes, when others are being sacrificed and no when “I” is being sacrificed.

This is the mentality that must prevail for a country of this size that has managed to keep its borders intact for the last 2,000 years. When unfortunate people get eliminated in the name of stability or for the “greater good”, it really “sucks to be you”. It’s the exact opposite of the driving force behind saving Private Ryan. Everyone is celebrating the end of lockdowns Nobody gives a second thought to the hundreds of thousands of elderly who have been sacrificed, the families who have lost their elders and the lockdown protesters who have been disappeared. That’s the “right” kind of attitude towards “positive energy” that has been sustaining China over 5,000 years of greatness.

When the Zambian scholar talks about how the Chinese government is sponsoring her education with money left over for seeing the world – a privilege which the vast majority of China’s own citizens do not enjoy, it reminds me of our own universities sponsoring foreign scholars who can’t even pass our English Language at PSLE level while our own parents need to pay through their noses to send their children overseas for tertiary education. Are we becoming more and more like China and is China taking advantage of us?

Sacrificial lambs, step out.

Ignorance & Denial Live On

There are still people who dismiss or deny such horrific actions by a tyrannical government. To the ignorant, I can only say, get yourself informed. For those in denial, I can only ask you where is your conscience? Let’s hope karma can work things out soon.

Mt Laojun Chaos & Anti-Wang Qishan Sentiments

On 1 January 2023, many tourists reported that they were trapped on the mountain for an hour when they were visiting Laojun Mountain in Luoyang, Henan.

On 2 January, the staff of Laojunshan Scenic Area replied that there was a “brief” congestion on the mountain due to snowfall that day, resulting in slippery paths which delayed descent.

Multiple social media postings showed videos of many tourists stuck on a platform on the top of a mountain. Some tourists had a thin layer of snow on their hats, some tourists were holding umbrellas, and many tourists kept shouting “refund”.

Someone made a video with advice for others thinking of visiting the site: “If you can’t go to the Golden Summit, you will get your refund. If you haven’t come, don’t come. I can’t go up, and I can’t go down now.”

Another tourist also said that he was also stuck for more than an hour, unable to go up to the Golden Summit and not allowed to go down the mountain either (for safety reasons). The scene was very chaotic, and he didn’t go down until after 8 o’clock in the evening.

The management pointed out that when the situation arose, the company immediately organized personnel to maintain order and the tourists stuck on the mountains were evacuated within 40 minutes. Then the company also claimed that they shoveled snow and de-iced the area overnight and “strengthened the organization and management of the area”. They also claimed that they had assigned additional staff to maintain order and “strengthened crowd control”, cable car passenger flow monitoring and the diversion of traffic. All cable car tickets, unused for whatever reason, will also be refunded.

From the flood of complaints from tourists, these things were probably not done. Interestingly, someone also shared on Twitter of tourists trapped on the mountain scolding Wang Qishan. This was of course not reported in the mainstream media.

Jackson Wang Real Bullshit

Hong Kong singer and rapper Jackson Wang 王嘉尔 has won overwhelming support on mainland social media after a video of his “emotionally-charged” speech rejecting anti-China media coverage during his London concert went viral.

In the video filmed during the London leg of Wang’s Magic Man World Tour on January 12, he openly denounced anti-China coverage in the media as “propaganda bullshit” to an audience of thousands in a seven-minute speech.

Wang began his delivery, which was laced with colourful language, by introducing himself as “Jackson Wang from China”.

“If you travel to China one time, you’ll feel like this is a dope place.”

And don’t we know that. We also know that you can travel to India, stay in a Maharaja’s palace for a couple of days and also find it a dope place. But what about the beggars on the streets? What about all that rape, rubbish, poverty, honour killing and pollution?

If you don’t know all that shit and you don’t care, then you’re just blissfully living in ignorance and at the same time encouraging your fans to do the same. Apparently, his screaming fans lack the IQ to see that. Yes, this guy is just an entertainer, but no, this guy doesn’t just entertain. He is in fact taking a political stand. He’s also bowing to the CCP, toeing the line that only the emperor should be worshipped; not entertainers, not billionaires like Jack Ma. It’s rather disingenuous to put people who work at fast food outlets on the same level as entertainers with millions of fans. It’s unhealthy for teenagers to idolise pop stars. It’s even more unhealthy if adults worship political leaders and treat them like demigods.

The whole purpose of pulling the plug on stars like Zhao Wei is so that they won’t steal the limelight from party leaders who are fast losing their shine as more people begin to think for themselves. Jackson Wang is making a rather lame attempt to justify the purge by bringing fast food workers into the picture. Of course, he is saying all this so that he can safely milk the biggest market in the world and it seems that his fans in the UK are somehow unable to see through all that whoring.

Being allowed to bash the West whether he’s in London or in Beijing should point to the fact that there is no level playing field and the West is at a tremendous disadvantage in the game of propaganda. So does he know how many people actually died of Covid in the latest Covid wave in China? 30 according to China’s news media. Now that’s real bullshit.

“Be yourself, find your own standard, don’t worship entertainers; we’re just entertainers.” This may soon be a compulsory prelude to every performance in China, along with a giant portrait of the emperor in the background.

Dai Lu Scandal, Communist Party Role Model

The Disciplinary Commission of Jiangsu Province and the Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee are deeply concerned over the issue of inappropriate lifestyle practices of leading cadres in Yangzhou City recently spread on the Internet. Upon investigation, Official Wei, deputy mayor of Huai’an City Government (who used to work in Yangzhou City) and Official Dai, deputy director of the Guangling District Commerce Bureau of Yangzhou City, are found to have deviant lifestyles. They are currently being investigated for culpability under standard protocols pending removal from office.

戴璐 Scandal

As usual in China, one cannot rely on official media to get the whole truth. On social media, resourceful Chinese netizens did their own investigation and revealed the identity of all officials involved.

Dai Lu Scandal
Dai Lu

The female protagonist is Yangzhou City Guangling District Commerce Bureau Deputy Director Dai Lu. Apparently, Dai Lu, who is married to a deputy secretary, was having an affair with a deputy mayor from a different Jiangsu County.

Dai Lu Scandal
Wei Feng

Mr Wei’s former appointment was Guangling District Party Secretary. That was when he met Dai Lu, but after being posted out to Huai An, he continued to make regular trips to Yangzhou to meet up with his old flame.

Dai Lu Scandal
Yangzhou and Huai An
Dai Lu Scandal

A bit about Dai Lu’s background. She was born in 1993 to a wealthy family in Yangzhou. She graduated from Sichuan Normal University, majoring in foreign affairs.

In 2012, at the age of 19, she was accepted into the prosecutor’s office in Yangzhou’s Baoying County. At that time, she was already having an affair with broker. She had planned to marry him but the broker’s wife did not agree to a divorce. She went on to become a mistress of a superior. In 2018, she was transferred to work as a Communist Party activity organiser. At that time, she was the mistress of some military officer. Complaints from the officer’s family bombarded Dai Lu’s department.

Dai Lu Scandal
Dai Lu at graduation

Meanwhile, Dai Lu’s career had taken off with lightning speed. By age 28, she was already a deputy director of the Party’s finance department. Incidentally, the man she was having an affair with in her husband’s apartment, Deputy Mayor Zhang Li Tao, is in charge of finance in her department. Her affair with Zhang started before her promotion and went on after her marriage.

戴璐 Scandal

Laughably, Da Lu once posted an article on the website of the CCP’s Disciplinary Committee entitled: 学、知、筑、守”促党员干部廉洁自律 (Education, knowledge, construction, preservation to promote the integrity and self-discipline of party members and cadres). She was also an ambassador in videos praising socialist values and party leadership. That embarrassing article and videos have been removed from all websites in China.

Dai Lu Scandal

As her public appearance got more and more frequent, Dai Lu’s superiors urged her to get married fast to mend her reputation. She went into speed dating and got to know a deputy director’s son, but as they were contemplating marriage, the man’s family found out about her reputation and cancelled the wedding. They realised that she was just using them.

Just as her superior was getting worried, a Mr Li Rui Biao from Wuhan was transferred to Yangzhou. Just 2 years Dai Lu’s senior, he was introduced to Dai Lu and was immediately smitten. Unaware of Dai Lu’s reputation, Mr Li refused to believe the “rumours” and proposed to her after their third meeting. Even bought a small apartment to show his sincerity. Despite his humble background, Dai Lu agreed to marry him.

Dai Lu Scandal
“green hat” cuckold

After the wedding, the couple moved into Dai Lu’s villa. Li Rui Biao’s apartment was left empty. Last year, Li discovered to his surprise that his empty apartment was getting substantial water and electrical bills. Suspicious that someone might have been using his apartment without his knowledge, he installed hidden cameras inside. He was shocked by the footage. His wife had been meeting up with Deputy Mayor Wei Feng. Apparently, there was another man in the videos but this cannot be verified.

Dai Lu Scandal
Dai Lu

Li reported the matter to the Party. Dai Lu and Wei Feng are currently under investigation. Mr Li Rui Biao is currently silent on the matter as it is already in the hands of the disciplinary committee. Netizens suspect that the Guangling authorities may have been presented with more than one male protagonist in Dai Lu’s videos and someone outside the county could have been used as scapegoat to distract public attention from local protagonists.

While Dai Lu’s strategy of sleeping her way to the top may not be atypical of party cadres’ behaviour, some netizens have expressed disappointment with Li Rui Biao’s impulsive action of exposing Dai Lu’s affair so soon. Couldn’t he have confronted Dai Lu and her lover(s) with the evidence and blackmailed them? Considering the fact that they are all corrupt officials far richer than he is and depending on how many people have being caught in the act, the videos could have been worth millions.

The Xinjiang Files

The Xinjiang Files. Verified. Of course, people who can read Chinese would know instantly that the Western mercenaries or 洋五毛 are totally ignorant and relying on information from other equally ignorant mercenaries to substantiate their claims, but don’t be surprised if some folks who can read Chinese can’t be bothered to do their due diligence and read the documents to find out that these 洋五毛 don’t know what they are talking about.

Interestingly, these people, without even looking at the information being reported and shared, based only on their faith in a “superior” culture, tell the better informed folks not to believe everything they see on the internet or be misled by the “Western media”. How desperate can these people be to identify and associate themselves with 5000 years of greatness?