Abandoned Commercial Hub

This is Hubei Province, Tong Shan County. Mr Shi checks out an e-commerce business hub. It says Liu Ye Business Hub. From the entrance, Mr Shi could already tell that something was not right.

Apart from a couple of mobile food stalls inside, all the buildings seemed deserted. There were a few residential units and also buildings abandoned before construction is complete. Yes, 烂尾楼 again.

As for the business, it was probably operational for a while, but apparently, things didn’t turn out well and almost all the tenants had gone bust. Some of the buildings are mixed developments with shops below and residential units above. No takers at all.

Interestingly, the land acquisition left a few original old houses relatively intact while others were demolished halfway. Water-logged 烂尾楼 everywhere. Perhaps these residents did not move out when the business hub was under construction but later changed their minds when the hub failed.

Finally, Mr Shi found a block where tenants or owners had moved in, but the flashy signboards have been collecting dust after the businesses they promoted went bust. Laughably, some of them still had “to let” notices on the glass panels.

Here’s the sales pitch dated 2015:



政府划行归市支持,打造美丽通山重大举措! (full government support)



搭建电子商务平台,“一店两铺”网络体验! (one shop two stores – real and virtual)


投资购铺三年返租,购铺自营一返到底! (recover purchasing cost with 3-years’ rental income)


At a website last updated in 2019, the properties at the site were still for sale!