Wait Till This Happens To You

Look at all the glitz, glamour, prosperity and think that they have a good system? Wait till this happens to you.

She was an Art student. Her school not only failed her for her politically sensitive piece of work but even publicised that she was failed because of plagiarism to cover up their subservience towards the regressive outlook of the new leadership.

The Book of Lord Shang

商君书 (The Book of Lord Shang) by 商鞅 (Shang Yang) of the Warring States. is an ancient Chinese text from the 3rd century BC, regarded as a foundational work of “Chinese Legalism” 法家. It was a banned book that only nobles were allowed to read. The main theme of the book is:

Empowered people = weak country. Powerless people = powerful country.

The 5 keys for governing people. 1)stupefy 2)weaken 3)impoverish 4)exhaust 5)humiliate.

  1. Inculcate faith in the rulers. The function of the people is to work for the country during peacetime and fight for the country during war.
  2. Limit the people’s access to news, knowledge and metal tools that can be used as weapons.
  3. Confiscate “excess wealth”, making sure that the common people have just enough to get by. People who are too comfortable will harbour “evil thoughts”.
  4. Conscript people and exhaust their energies with massive engineering projects.
  5. Take away the people’s privacy. Get neighbours to tell on neighbours. Impose collective punishment.

Humiliate and weaken people so they would respect authority. Impoverish them so they would crave rewards. When the people have low self esteem, they will respect nobles and authority.

Playing All The Wrong Keys

In the beginning, it was really not so sinister. Dr K and the lady were happily dancing and swaying to the tune played by the Chinese man. It was so natural and spontaneous. That ought to be the real them and all this took place before the arrival of 刘梦莹 and Christine Lee 李贞驹. These two were apparently there to direct and supervise the patriotic video shoot; Chinese people living in England but their hearts are still with the motherland. Unlike that impromptu segment, these “performances” have to be properly staged and scripted.

The problem with these “patriotic” video clips (often shown on the Chinese New Year variety show 春晚) is that they must exclude all “foreign interference” in order to look genuine. That’s why they had to give a lame excuse for Dr K not to show their faces in his videos – for fear that people from the mainland may “leak” them and question their patriotism. Apart from these greetings from overseas, 春晚 also broadcasts greetings from workers on some massive infrastructural project, soldiers guarding outposts at China’s frontiers. That’s pretty much what it’s all about and of course, “foreign interference” is strictly prohibited.

The whole gang takes the cue from Christine Lee. She’s not happy with Dr K not being cooperative and the piano-playing guy had to bare his warrior wolf fangs to show his patriotism.

In the following video, Jiang Feng digs a bit deeper into Christine Lee, 李贞驹 background. It’s unbelievable how Britain has carelessly and naively allowed forces that threaten its freedom and democracy to infiltrate its society. It’s monumentally stupid to protect the freedom of people who want to destroy you.

China’s Boom And Bust

70% of China’s household assets are tied up in property. If the property sector crashes, the domino effect is going to be devastating. By fixing property prices, the Chinese government is only prolonging the pain caused by decades of greed and reckless, relentless borrowing. Had the country been in less of a hurry to get rich, things might have turned out differently.