First Tier City Chongqing

This is a construction project with some blocks completed and occupied while other blocks are had their construction suspended and ostensibly abandoned for years. This time it’s in Chongqing, a first tier city! The basement car park has been sealed off.

These are 30-storey tower blocks! Judging from the length of the grasses and the condition of the buildings, construction must have been abandoned for years. Even though some of the blocks are occupied, the environment is less than ideal.

Apart from the tower blocks, there is also a huge cluster of houses (probably designed as bungalows) in the vicinity – all abandoned halfway through their construction. This is truly a luxurious housing project. There are lift shafts built inside these 3-storey houses – extravagant beyond belief.

Mr Shi once again addressed the irony of some folks who need to slave for life to pay for their simple homes while luxurious accommodation waste away, uncompleted, unoccupied.