Wait Till This Happens To You

Look at all the glitz, glamour, prosperity and think that they have a good system? Wait till this happens to you.

She was an Art student. Her school not only failed her for her politically sensitive piece of work but even publicised that she was failed because of plagiarism to cover up their subservience towards the regressive outlook of the new leadership.

The Book of Lord Shang

商君书 (The Book of Lord Shang) by 商鞅 (Shang Yang) of the Warring States. is an ancient Chinese text from the 3rd century BC, regarded as a foundational work of “Chinese Legalism” 法家. It was a banned book that only nobles were allowed to read. The main theme of the book is:

Empowered people = weak country. Powerless people = powerful country.

The 5 keys for governing people. 1)stupefy 2)weaken 3)impoverish 4)exhaust 5)humiliate.

  1. Inculcate faith in the rulers. The function of the people is to work for the country during peacetime and fight for the country during war.
  2. Limit the people’s access to news, knowledge and metal tools that can be used as weapons.
  3. Confiscate “excess wealth”, making sure that the common people have just enough to get by. People who are too comfortable will harbour “evil thoughts”.
  4. Conscript people and exhaust their energies with massive engineering projects.
  5. Take away the people’s privacy. Get neighbours to tell on neighbours. Impose collective punishment.

Humiliate and weaken people so they would respect authority. Impoverish them so they would crave rewards. When the people have low self esteem, they will respect nobles and authority.

Playing All The Wrong Keys

In the beginning, it was really not so sinister. Dr K and the lady were happily dancing and swaying to the tune played by the Chinese man. It was so natural and spontaneous. That ought to be the real them and all this took place before the arrival of 刘梦莹 and Christine Lee 李贞驹. These two were apparently there to direct and supervise the patriotic video shoot; Chinese people living in England but their hearts are still with the motherland. Unlike that impromptu segment, these “performances” have to be properly staged and scripted.

The problem with these “patriotic” video clips (often shown on the Chinese New Year variety show 春晚) is that they must exclude all “foreign interference” in order to look genuine. That’s why they had to give a lame excuse for Dr K not to show their faces in his videos – for fear that people from the mainland may “leak” them and question their patriotism. Apart from these greetings from overseas, 春晚 also broadcasts greetings from workers on some massive infrastructural project, soldiers guarding outposts at China’s frontiers. That’s pretty much what it’s all about and of course, “foreign interference” is strictly prohibited.

The whole gang takes the cue from Christine Lee. She’s not happy with Dr K not being cooperative and the piano-playing guy had to bare his warrior wolf fangs to show his patriotism.

In the following video, Jiang Feng digs a bit deeper into Christine Lee, 李贞驹 background. It’s unbelievable how Britain has carelessly and naively allowed forces that threaten its freedom and democracy to infiltrate its society. It’s monumentally stupid to protect the freedom of people who want to destroy you.

China’s Boom And Bust

70% of China’s household assets are tied up in property. If the property sector crashes, the domino effect is going to be devastating. By fixing property prices, the Chinese government is only prolonging the pain caused by decades of greed and reckless, relentless borrowing. Had the country been in less of a hurry to get rich, things might have turned out differently.

Pride Or Disgrace

It’s Comrade Li Lan Si from Xiamen again. This time, he shows the self-entitled attitude of seniors in China. In this instance, it’s not about not respecting elders here. It’s the Chinese 大妈 claiming that she came first when it was obviously not true to everyone in the queue. The one with the loudest voice wins in China. There is no shame in lying to get one’s way. The second case is using a person to “chope” a parking lot. They don’t see anything wrong with that.

There is nothing seriously wrong with what this woman is saying. She has a preferences, but why can’t she just stay home and not visit Europe since she can’t stand the food?

Wang Zhi An

This must be the strongest hater of Wang Zhi An that I’ve found. Frankly, I don’t hate the guy but I must say that I’m disappointed with him.

To recap, Wang Zhi An, also known by his moniker Wang Ju, was a star reporter on CCTV. He was the only journalist in China doing investigative reporting ala 60 Minutes. The only reason the Party was allowing him to do that was due to his immense popularity, have millions of fans throughout the country. The Chinese public ravenously feasted on his interviews with insiders and whistleblowers.

Then, he stepped on the toes of powerful people, expressing doubts about certain TCM products. It coincided with the time the government was protecting “cultural pride”. TCM and Wushu were “sacred”. On good things could be said about them.

He was effectively “fired” and that started his exile in Japan. Instead of giving up on media, he started his YouTube channel and appeared to join the dissidents in their criticism of the Chinese government. While he is now free to speak his mind, Wang still retains the pride and ego of a former star. There are other former media workers like Edgar Lu in Australia and Terence Shen in Canada. Wang seems to distinguish himself from them, acting like a member of the elite in a “classless” society.

While he’s most probably not just another CCP mouthpiece, he speaks against Falungong and belittles other Chinese YouTubers. He even agrees with some of the policies in China that deprived common people of their rights. After he played apologist for the Chinese government for their treatment of the Xuzhou chained woman, he lost quite a number of fans, including me. While I don’t see the CCP nature in him, he is obviously still quite a snob and a Chinese chauvinist with an air of superiority like Ai Weiwei. The way he mocked a person with disabilities has more to do with his upbringing in China and his self perception as a member of the elite than communist ideology per se.

His latest blunder was mocking Taiwan’s democratic process for not being serious enough. He even had the audacity to insult an election candidate with a disability. For this, he was banned from Taiwan for a period of 5 years. At this time of writing, he had not yet apologised. Even the Japanese are getting suspicious of him.

Don’t come to Singapore.

China’s War Against Corruption Won?

Recently, I saw a discussion on the booming Malaysian properties around the Johor Bahru–Singapore Rapid Transit System. Forest City “blogger” Mr Tan Kin Lian was his usual optimistic self. A few commenters remarked that one should be cautious with Chinese projects. One of the usual “defenders” who assume that only they know China (when they actually don’t) responded that the rest of us are still living in the past and the quality of buildings in China are on par if not better than Singapore’s.

2022, Hunan Province Changsha City, an 8-storey building collapsed, killing 54 and injuring 9. 44 of the dead were university students. The saddest thing about this tragedy is that it’s actually preventable.

Constructed in 2012, the building was originally had only 5 storeys. 3 storeys were added without any approval from the authorities. After the 3 floors were added, more tenants moved in. Despite the lack of approval, a construction inspection company had issued a safety certification for the building. Furthermore, this inspection company was endorsed by Changsha City’s Wangcheng branch of the police department.

Was China Backing The Brotherhood?

Going back to 20 October 2023, Chinese police moved in on the scam syndicates in northern Myanmar and arrested 100,000 people. A week later, the Brotherhood Alliance, an alliance of 3 insurgent armies, namely the Kokang (MNDA), Arakan and Ta’ang armies attacked government positions. While they appeared to be fighting for democracy, commander of the alliance Peng De Ren does have an axe to grind against the Bai family occupying Kokang territory. Bai Suo Ren was Peng De Ren’s late father, Peng Jia Sheng’s deputy who betrayed him in 2009.

With the mass arrests which occurred just before Operation 1027, many people believed that China was financing the Brotherhood Alliance to teach the scam syndicates a lesson. But no sooner had fighting started when China called for peace talks. The insurgent forces had also disrupted the cross-border economy with China. Things just don’t add up. The Brotherhood’s primary objective was clearly to purge junta control over the country’s peripheries and not to attack the scam syndicates.

Then, in an interview with NHK, Myanmar’s National Unity Government’s exiled Minister of Foreign Affairs Zin Mar Aung stated in no uncertain terms that the NUG had been working with insurgents for a year to prepare the attacks on the Myanmar government. Clearly claiming responsibility, she also announced that this operation was just the beginning. 1027 was not carried out at China’s behest nor with Chinese support as some among the cheering masses thought.

I was right all along. We now know for sure that it’s the NUG that was responsible for organising 1027 and not China. However, Peng De Ren, the commander on the ground must have struck a deal with Chinese authorities to “arrest” (i.e. evacuate) their scam operators on 1020 before the Brotherhood attacked.