Organ Donors By Default

Some Chinese apps can not only change your settings and grant access (proven) but also give consent on your behalf (alleged).

Why are so many Chinese netizens so concerned? That’s because there are too many rumours of accused persons being summarily executed when their organs were found to match someone waiting for it.

Yes, they are unproven rumours. You can choose to trust them.

China With Russia

Two weeks before the deadliest attack in Russia in years, US intelligence had publicly and privately advised President Vladimir Putin’s government that “extremists” had “imminent plans” for a terrorist attack targeting public gatherings.

The US shared those advance intelligence indications under a tenet of the US intelligence community called the “duty to warn”. Putin responded by calling them “provocative statements” from the West. 2 weeks later, Putin was proven wrong. The attack on Crocus City Hall occurred. More than 130 people died. It could have been prevented but Putin quickly blamed Ukraine and threatened WMD even after Afghanistan based ISIS had claimed responsibility.

The Origins of Palestine

It’s always sexy to sympathise with the underdogs. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, people sympathised with the Jews. When Israel was formed and grew from strength to strength, they became the bullies and Arabs in Palestine suffered. The sympathisers now move to the other end of the seesaw, but do they have all the facts?

Made In China Cars

There is a Chinese saying 龙头蛇尾 – head of a dragon, tail of a snake. It succinctly describes how things look very impressive during the launch or grand opening, attracting and impressing numerous fans, only to fizzle out as time goes by.

Chinese Stock Market Interventions

Chinese investors are rushing into the Japanese stock market, driving the Nikkei index up. On March 4th, the Nikkei index broke through the 40,000-point barrier, setting a new record. Meanwhile, the Chinese stock market continued its slump, with the Shanghai Composite Index falling below 3,000 points, illustrating a stark contrast in the fortunes of the two nations.

In spite of the fact that paper can’t hold fire and China’s economic woes are no longer deniable, many 五毛 are still going around insulting people’s intelligence with socialist ideals, singing praises for the Chinese government/economy and trying to get people to become 韭菜. Don’t be surprised that they too have their money parked in Japan and the US.

Fa Lun Gong Internal Strife

This is a very interesting video attempting to explain why Chinese people are so poorly behaved when they are overseas. It has a strong anti-CCP slant and obliquely praises Fa Lun Gong for preserving Chinese culture.

I can agree with a part of that, though the performance called Shen Yun is somewhat biased and less than subtle with its political agenda. There are secular performances organised by Chinese communities all over the world that promote Chinese culture without such jarring political messages.

The Cultural Revolution did destroy a great part of Chinese culture and today’s Confucian Institutes, operated by the CCP attempts to link Confucianism with Marxism, adulterating and distorting the former.

However, post-Mao China did try to make amends following the age of reforms started by Deng Xiao Ping. It’s only in the last 10 years under you know who that the country is regressing into Cultural Revolution 2.0.

Falun Gong is a religious movement based on qigong meditation founded by its leader Li Hong Zhi in China in the early 1990s. Coinciding with a period when things Chinese caught on in the West, it became very popular among intellectuals and even party officials. As early as 1995, Li was already travelling and teaching Fa Lun Gong in many countries. Fa Lun Gong clubs and associations appeared everywhere. In spite of its religious overlay, the movement was tolerated by the communist party because it was good for China’s image overseas and its teachings did not go against party politics.

That was until Li Hong Zhi boasted that there were probably more Fa Lun Gong members than CCP members. Members who left the movement because Li forbade them from profiting also betrayed the movement by reporting them to the authorities. Following a few clashes between Fa Lun Gong members and the authorities, the Chinese government under Jiang Ze Min began a violent and ruthless crackdown on the movement in 1999. From a movement that was the pride of China, the CCP turned the tables and demonised Fa Lun Gong as an evil cult.

Li Hong Zhi and some of his followers fled to the US where the movement grew from strength to strength, operating several media outlets and a performance troupe to show the world the plight of their movement and the atrocious acts committed on their fellow followers under the CCP.

On the social media front, Fa Lun Gong mobilised many outstanding individuals who cogently present the movement’s anti-CCP narrative. As the most resourceful and organised movement outside China, I often liken Fa Lun Gong as China’s de facto opposition party. Fa Lun Gong is now sponsored by multi-millionaires, its media business highly profitable and it now has its global headquarters in Dragon Springs, a 427-acre (1.73 km2) compound in Deerpark, New York, United States, near the residence of Li Hong Zhi himself.

Many controversies have emerged in recent years. Li often contradicted himself, saying that he is an ordinary man and at the same time, claiming supernatural powers. While today’s Fa Lun Gong is still the target of the CCP’s smear campaign, they are no longer the underdog outside China. Many fellow dissidents outside Fa Lun Gong had put their differences aside to fight the common enemy.

Like any movement or organisation that has grown too big and too powerful, cracks would appear from within and some victims would turn into bullies. It’s the case with Jews who had once suffered from the Holocaust. It’s also the case with Tibetan refugees with some Buddhist teachers who have been practically deified by the Western world getting greedy, arrogant and abusive.

Madam Xiao Ming was a Fa Lun Gong follower who was expelled for refusing to censure another former follower Yu Chao who had been exposing questionable practices by Li Hong Zhi and his wife. If you watch Yu Chao’s YouTube videos, you may want to cringe as many of his complaints about Fa Lun Gong’s top brass are quite petty.

Though I would ignore Yu Chao’s complaints, another dissident Wang Zhi An (not Fa Lun Gong member) would use these as evidence to expose Fa Lun Gong’s hypocrisy. As an observer, I would not vilify them for being petty (even though I think that Wang Zhi An may have an axe to grind). However, Madam Xiao Ming received specific orders from Master Li and other leaders to denounce Yu Chao and accuse Wang Zhi An of being a CCP spy. Was that a reasonable order for Madam Xiao Ming to follow?

She didn’t think so. For that, she was not just expelled but expunged from the movement! All her videos and articles on Fa Lun Gong’s channels were wiped clean. Even interviews with other Fa Lun Gong members not on her own channel were deleted. This came as a little surprise to me. What really made me think that Fa Lun Gong has lost its way is the move to remove Xiao Ming even from 干净世界, an alternative platform to YouTube which supposedly censors only lewd content but not politically sensitive content. Aren’t they applying unwritten censorship rules on par with the CCP’s? It certainly makes them much worse than YouTube which they keep criticising for being unfair. Meanwhile, Xiao Ming has been ostracized or should I say, excommunicated. No Fa Lun Gong member was allowed to work with or even contact Xiao Ming in their personal capacity.

Below is Xiao Ming’s video recounting how she ended up in this predicament. Speaking against CCP propaganda, she was an outstanding presenter during Covid, being fluent in both English and Chinese. I sympathise with her.

Nevertheless, we should never dismiss Fa Lun Gong as a credible force that needs to be watched and bridled. In times of conflict when everyone is fighting against a dictatorship, it’s impossible not to ally with a potential dictator. It’s just that when the war is over, one must make sure that the former underdog doesn’t take the place of the dictator.

No, You Have Not Seen The Real China

Many Singaporeans who had gone on luxury tours of China are quick to conclude that China looks like a developed country. But is that so? You just need to travel an hour or so outside any major city in China and you’ll see chaos, infrastructural inadequacy and even stark poverty.

This is the real China, a China that contradicts socialist principles and yet imposes censorship and one-party dictatorship like a communist country.

Wait Till This Happens To You

Look at all the glitz, glamour, prosperity and think that they have a good system? Wait till this happens to you.

She was an Art student. Her school not only failed her for her politically sensitive piece of work but even publicised that she was failed because of plagiarism to cover up their subservience towards the regressive outlook of the new leadership.

The Book of Lord Shang

商君书 (The Book of Lord Shang) by 商鞅 (Shang Yang) of the Warring States. is an ancient Chinese text from the 3rd century BC, regarded as a foundational work of “Chinese Legalism” 法家. It was a banned book that only nobles were allowed to read. The main theme of the book is:

Empowered people = weak country. Powerless people = powerful country.

The 5 keys for governing people. 1)stupefy 2)weaken 3)impoverish 4)exhaust 5)humiliate.

  1. Inculcate faith in the rulers. The function of the people is to work for the country during peacetime and fight for the country during war.
  2. Limit the people’s access to news, knowledge and metal tools that can be used as weapons.
  3. Confiscate “excess wealth”, making sure that the common people have just enough to get by. People who are too comfortable will harbour “evil thoughts”.
  4. Conscript people and exhaust their energies with massive engineering projects.
  5. Take away the people’s privacy. Get neighbours to tell on neighbours. Impose collective punishment.

Humiliate and weaken people so they would respect authority. Impoverish them so they would crave rewards. When the people have low self esteem, they will respect nobles and authority.