Lushan Hot Spring Villas

Here’s another interesting “ghost town”, one of the numerous that are found all over China. Mr Shi’s video below shows a completed by largely deserted estate in scenic spot of Lushan.

The buildings are touted as Thai-styled “hot spring” villas but it’s doubtful whether there are any natural hot springs here. Opposite the estate is a an abandoned construction project, again, one of numerous out there. It’s called Lushan International Sunshine Hot Spring Resort. From the notices pasted on the entrance, the establishment have gone bust and is up for auction.

China Wiki:

Lushan International sunshine hot spring resort, invested by Jiujiang Tongsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd., is located in Xingzi County, the hometown of Tao Yuanming. Adjacent to the Pohu lake and accompanied by the Yangtze River, it covers an area of 216 mu, integrating recuperation and leisure, sports and fitness, and business tourism. It is an original one-stop Resort Hot Spring in China.

The article is dated 25 February 2021. You can check it out here.

Another hot spring resort nearby also seems to have been deserted for years. In fact, an entire forest seemed to have reclaimed the land. Bashing through the thick vegetation, Mr Shi discovered some abandoned construction projects inside.

Nope, this place has been abandoned for many years. Nothing to do with the pandemic. The extravagance and the indiscriminate building caused an incredible and lamentable amount of wastage of manpower and construction materials. The drone footage gives a fuller picture of the issue.

Do note that like many of the properties shown here, there is absolutely no indication of its current condition on Chinese media. The villas can still be booked online.

Lushan being a scenic spot, many developers have been optimistic about property investments here. But there is a limit to how much the people can absorb. Real wealth and purchasing power have not risen in tandem with dizzying GDP. The result is an effusion of properties without any demand.