Abandoned MICE Hub

This is Anhui Province, Huang Shan area. On the main road just a few kilometres from Huang Shan town, Mr Shi noticed a cluster of abandoned buildings. He suspected that they are 烂尾楼.

The sentry box looked pretty nice, but the door had already fallen off the hinges. With so many flag poles at the entrance, this building is probably some conference hall. At the entrance to the building, is a depression which is probably meant to be a pond or fountain.

Behind the impressive facade, it’s obvious that the building is another 烂尾楼. Construction was near completion but it was somehow abandoned. What seemed like a basement car park is now flooded. It can now serve as a fish pond.

The presence of a rusted cement mixer is a sign that this project has been abandoned for a long time. There are actually many more buildings behind this main structure. They resemble exhibition halls. Exploring further, Mr Shi realised how huge this cluster was. The drone gives us a stunning overview. It must have been an ambitious project for some MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) hub. Like numerous other ambitious projects, it represented another case of 龙头蛇尾。