Protest And Get Famous

Here is a clueless supporter of the CCP who, like many Palestinian supporters, have no idea what he is supporting or protesting against. We see him in this video harassing Dr K with the flag of China and some Chinese slogan which he probably can’t read.

In China, people slam Japan or the West to get famous and earn money on Douyin. In the West, people go against the mainstream to gain fame and lead the left wing.

His identity is not really important. What’s more telling is his “history”. This man had once protested against the indictment against Julian Assange, saying no to a surveillance state. Ironically, it’s a well-known fact that China is the most advanced and high tech surveillance state in the world.

Could he be like one of those pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protesters who don’t really know what they are standing up for? But the most pathetic folks have to be those who CCP fans who had lost their shirts investing in scams in China and still think that China has a good system. Faith and ethno nationalism conquer reason.

Of course, the really shameless ones are those who keep praising China’s superiority but place their best on America instead.