The End Of Glorious Hong Kong?

In the past, the mainland “patriots” would call out Westerners who wished that Hong Kong could be run under a separate system from the mainland because they are jealous of China. Well, Hong Kong’s National Security Law has been in place for more than 3 years now. A bit of “patriotic” investing and show of confidence brought things up in early 2021. After that, it was downhill all the way. Like Chip Tsao said, the numbers don’t lie. Patriotism can’t hold the market up for long. Only investor confidence will.

HSI last 5 years

Hong Kong’s economy is going downhill. That’s clear for all to see. What’s surprising, perhaps, is the mockery that is coming from Hong Kong’s “own people” – the mainlanders. The paradox is mind-boggling. Back in 2020, the mainlanders cheered for Hong Kong. The former British colony had finally returned to the motherland for real. No more “Western” nonsense. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is better.

Well, it clearly isn’t – which is demonstrated in both Hong Kong and the mainland. Foreign investors are leaving and instead of reflecting, Chinese people think that foreign and Taiwanese enterprises are being stupid or prejudiced.

But why aren’t the patriots picking up the slack? Action and money put in one’s mouth speak louder than words.