Wang Zhi An

This must be the strongest hater of Wang Zhi An that I’ve found. Frankly, I don’t hate the guy but I must say that I’m disappointed with him.

To recap, Wang Zhi An, also known by his moniker Wang Ju, was a star reporter on CCTV. He was the only journalist in China doing investigative reporting ala 60 Minutes. The only reason the Party was allowing him to do that was due to his immense popularity, have millions of fans throughout the country. The Chinese public ravenously feasted on his interviews with insiders and whistleblowers.

Then, he stepped on the toes of powerful people, expressing doubts about certain TCM products. It coincided with the time the government was protecting “cultural pride”. TCM and Wushu were “sacred”. On good things could be said about them.

He was effectively “fired” and that started his exile in Japan. Instead of giving up on media, he started his YouTube channel and appeared to join the dissidents in their criticism of the Chinese government. While he is now free to speak his mind, Wang still retains the pride and ego of a former star. There are other former media workers like Edgar Lu in Australia and Terence Shen in Canada. Wang seems to distinguish himself from them, acting like a member of the elite in a “classless” society.

While he’s most probably not just another CCP mouthpiece, he speaks against Falungong and belittles other Chinese YouTubers. He even agrees with some of the policies in China that deprived common people of their rights. After he played apologist for the Chinese government for their treatment of the Xuzhou chained woman, he lost quite a number of fans, including me. While I don’t see the CCP nature in him, he is obviously still quite a snob and a Chinese chauvinist with an air of superiority like Ai Weiwei. The way he mocked a person with disabilities has more to do with his upbringing in China and his self perception as a member of the elite than communist ideology per se.

His latest blunder was mocking Taiwan’s democratic process for not being serious enough. He even had the audacity to insult an election candidate with a disability. For this, he was banned from Taiwan for a period of 5 years. At this time of writing, he had not yet apologised. Even the Japanese are getting suspicious of him.

Don’t come to Singapore.