China’s War Against Corruption Won?

Recently, I saw a discussion on the booming Malaysian properties around the Johor Bahru–Singapore Rapid Transit System. Forest City “blogger” Mr Tan Kin Lian was his usual optimistic self. A few commenters remarked that one should be cautious with Chinese projects. One of the usual “defenders” who assume that only they know China (when they actually don’t) responded that the rest of us are still living in the past and the quality of buildings in China are on par if not better than Singapore’s.

2022, Hunan Province Changsha City, an 8-storey building collapsed, killing 54 and injuring 9. 44 of the dead were university students. The saddest thing about this tragedy is that it’s actually preventable.

Constructed in 2012, the building was originally had only 5 storeys. 3 storeys were added without any approval from the authorities. After the 3 floors were added, more tenants moved in. Despite the lack of approval, a construction inspection company had issued a safety certification for the building. Furthermore, this inspection company was endorsed by Changsha City’s Wangcheng branch of the police department.