War in Taiwan April 2025

Exiled writer, labour and human rights activist Mr Yuan Hong Bing’s book would certainly be interesting.

When will mainland China invade Taiwan? That is a question troubling many of us. Mr Yuan predicts that it with remarkable confidence that it will be April 2025 – after Taiwan’s and US presidential elections.

Why? It’s the best opportunity to fight for a KMT victory in the former by infiltrating and misleading the electorate. It doesn’t matter who wins in the US. Just create bigger chaotic situation in the wake of US presidential elections like what happened at Capitol Hil in 2020.

With calm seas towards the end of April, conditions would then be ideal for an invasion. So Mr Yuan predicts April 2025.

A war in the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean will have a profound impact on global shipping. Ukraine is another lesson, but dictators who start wars are not rational people.