Walk The Line

Breaking news. Italy has suspended all tourist visa applications for Chinese nationals. In recent days, 400 Chinese tourists who arrived in Italy with tour groups have disappeared.

There is a new hashtag made popular in China last year and it’s called #走线 . The number of Chinese nationals entering America via Mexico has increased several fold. While flying into the USA without the proper papers or overstaying would get them deported back to China, entering overland from Mexico would get them the same treatment as Latinos without visas, waiting for asylum. The tortuous route for the Chinese often starts from Hong Kong, then for ease of visa approval, they transit in Thailand, Turkey, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama.

Chinese immigrants who enter America this way have a less chance of saying 在美国我是美国人。在中国我是中国人。

They have a much better chance of getting asylum if they enter overland from Mexico.