Human Trafficking In China

Many financially challenged parents of newborns have been told by the 2-star public hospital in Fuping County (Shaanxi Province) that their unborn child had multiple congenital illnesses and future treatment costs will be high. They were then advised to “give up the child”. The hospital claimed that they would keep the baby without treatment until he/she dies then dispose of the body. However, throughout the whole process, the parents don’t even get to see their children. One suspicious parent called the police after discovering conflicting test results from another hospital.

It turned out that the children born to these parents have been sold on the black market. This human trafficking scheme was eventually traced to deputy director Zhang Suxia. She has been handed the death sentence. The obvious thing is, she could not have pulled this scam off without conniving colleagues and a massive business network. Yet throughout investigations, she did not reveal any of them. The reason for her silence could be her fear that her family members might be harmed by the true mastermind who could be a prominent member of the Party. This particular human trafficking ring was obviously not crushed with the execution of Zhang Suxia – the only person taken to task in this horrifying conspiracy.