Teresa Teng A Spy?

It’s an old story that was suddenly revived when I shared a few old pictures of Teresa Teng on Facebook. A familiar neighbourhood troll popped by and called her a spy.

Teresa Teng a Spy?

Some of you may be scratching your heads, but he’s not the first person to call Teresa Teng a spy. The first person to do it was a man by the name of 谷正文. Actually, that is not his original name. His original name was 郭守紀 .

Guo Shouji was born in China in 1910. He claimed to have graduated from Peking University with a degree in Chinese language in 1931, but he had never shown anyone his scroll. Soon after that, military conflict broke out between the Chinese and the Japanese army in Northeastern China. He joined the Chinese Communist Party and was a commander in the army led by Lin Biao. Later, he changed his allegiance and joined the KMT.

In 1940 Guo joined the shadow KMT government led by 汪精卫. Wang’s government was really a puppet government working for the Japanese. While working for this KMT, Guo rounded up and crushed many anti-Japanese movements and organisations.

After the Japanese surrendered in 1945, Guo Shou Ji changed his name to Gu Zheng Wen 谷正文. He joined the original KMT’s secret police and was strangely immune to allegations of treason.

He was later involved in numerous cases of sabotage, bombing, arson, assassinations and kidnapping. Like the Japanese kempeitai, he was an expert in the art of interrogation and torture. Most of his victims were political prisoners.

In 1991, Guo Shou Ji (now Gu Zheng Wen) suddenly backstabbed Taiwan’s first democratic President Lee Teng Hui by revealing what he claimed was incriminating information on President Lee from the secret police files. It was Taiwan’s version of Wikileaks, published by famous Taiwanese author Li Ao (an entertaining narcissist) .

In 1999, Gu Zheng Wen targeted Teresa Teng (1953-1995) 4 years after her death and claimed that she was a KMT spy. Mainland Chinese media eagerly lapped up the story, conspiracy theorists came up with captivating “investigation reports”, but given Guo Shou Ji’s background and reputation, his claims were obviously questionable.

Gu Zheng Wen passed away in 2007.