Another View Of The KingMed Diagnostics Scandal

Prof Wen Zhao gives us another view of the KingMed Diagnostics 金域医学 scandal which ought to be a stark reminder to those who have already forgotten about the melamine milk scandal of 2008 (which also occurred in an Olympic hosting year).

Unlike Terence Shen, Wen Zhao thinks that the most likely explanation is the government trying to push blame to the company and the company trying to push blame down the corporate ladder.

From the statements made by the company, to the extent of denying the reasons for being investigated released by law enforcement, KingMed could be to a certain extent, “above the law”. With the frequent gatherings of large groups for testing (thanks to their zero Covid target), the mass testing itself could be the reason for the outbreak. That’s why Wen Zhao speculates that it’s an internal struggle with the government blaming the company and the the company finding scapegoats.