Liberal China

For those who understand Chinese but don’t read Chinese or understand some of the terminology. PUA stands for “pick up artist” but Chinese people have used the term like a verb for decades. For example, “I’ve been PUAed” means “I’ve been cheated by my lover”. What about CPU?

The origin of “CPU” is believed to be an interview with veteran actress Xu Di 许娣 (1958-?). In that interview, she meant to say PUAed but ended up saying CPUed instead. Since then, PUAed has been replaced by CPUed. And as if that’s not enough, ICUed, KTVed and even KFCed have been used to mean cheated by lover.

To be honest, girls like the one above were strutting their stuff as far back as 30 years. Don’t get all the wrong ideas about China. It’s an extremely diverse society.