Chinese Nationalism & Sports

The Chinese referee in this soccer match was assaulted by one of the players. This happened in YouTuber Edgar Lu’s home country Australia.

The offender is also ethnic Chinese. This Chinese-sponsored team, called Dragon Warriors, was made up of only 2 Chinese players and 9 Afghan players. The other team comprised Italian players and it was supposed to be a “friendly match”. Not long after the start of the match, the referee noticed that the two teams were more interested in fighting than in playing soccer.

20 mins into the match, the referee called a time out and asked the captains of both teams whether they wanted to continue the game in a more orderly manner. The Italian captain assured the referee that he would ask his team members to behave. The Chinese captain from the other team did not give him a definite reply.

30 mins into the game, one of the players from the Chinese captain’s team started verbally abusing the supporters on the other side. The referee then decided to call an end to the game. A Chinese fan watching the game shouted at the referee, questioning if he was Chinese and calling him names for not supporting the Chinese team. The Chinese team’s captain even came up to him and threatened him.

Those who understand Chinese can watch what the rest of the video yourselves. These hooligans really disgust me.