Typhoon & Floods in China

Before the typhoon hit, 台湾表妹 and other “patriots” like her prayed that typhoon Doksuri, one of the most devastating typhoons in recent history, would avoid China and hit Japan. Their curse didn’t work.

Doksuri hurtled into the southeastern coastal province of Fujian late last week, weakening as it carved its way north but bringing huge amounts of rain to at least five northern Chinese provinces since Saturday.

Xinhua reported two deaths from the storm in Beijing as of 31 July 2023, while another two fatalities were recorded in northeastern Liaoning province, according to CCTV. At this time of writing, China only reported 34 deaths. This is the actual situation on the ground.

Chinese leaders told the people that they have been attacked by some American meteorological weapon. Fortunately, most people were not that stupid. You can hear from the video 北京泄洪. The people know that some cities have been sacrificed to save others as dams were selectively open and shut to divert water to the “less important” areas. 涿州 is one of the worst hit.


The next typhoon, Khanun, has hit Okinawa in Japan.