It’s A Duck, Not A Rat

A student at a school in Jiangxi Province discovered a rat head in his lunch provided by the school. He took crystal clear videos of the rat’s head, showing its teeth, whiskers and ears. After he had uploaded the video on social media, the school authorities reported the matter to the police and jointly announced that after investigations, it was determined that the item shown by the student was actually a duck neck and not a rat head.

In response to that, Chinese netizens like this teacher made the following video. He showed his students a picture of a rat, telling them it’s a duck. Those who agreed with him (the very few who didn’t raise their hand) could run one round less than the rest. He then gave them another chance to earn the right to run one round less than the rest. Those who still disagreed with him and willing to run one round more to insist on telling the truth had to step out.

This time, it’s a small minority. The teacher said not quite correctly that it’s a test of independent thinking. Actually, all the kids were capable of independent thinking. It’s just that after realising that they might suffer if they told the truth, they went ahead to toe the official line.