The Irony of 1989 Tiananmen

Comrade Wang De Jun 王德军, PLA veteran:

“I’m a veteran involved in the June 4th 1989 quelling of riots at Tiananmen. I want to talk about my pension. Back then, me and my comrades have risked our lives to execute a mission to restore order and protect the Party. But now, it seems that the public is not recognising our efforts and sacrifices because the authorities have greatly downplayed and even erased that bit of history.

“I wish to ask whether that decision made back then was right or wrong. If it’s right, why is our heroism not recognised and rewarded? If what we did was wrong, at least the government and party should admit that they’ve made a mistake to justify why we should not be compensated.

“The government has promised that from now on, all veteran soldiers who have participated in military operations will be well compensated after retirement. Their monthly allowance has doubled from 600 RMB to 1200 RMB. Medical expenses are reimbursed 95%. Why is it that those of us who quelled riots at Tiananmen on 4th June 1989 are not recognised and are not compensated? We fought counter revolutionaries and protected the country and the Party. Have we done anything wrong?”

Comrade Wang cannot be faulted. He could even have said that he and his comrades put down a rebellion instigated by the West. That would have pleased the party even more. Politically, he is completely correct and that’s where the big irony lies. Something somewhere must be very wrong. What’s almost laughable is the ignorant young man at the other end of the line doesn’t seem to know anything about the Korean war,Sino-Indian and the Sino-Vietnam war in 1979. Interestingly, the young man even suggested veterans from the Sino-Japanese war. How many of them are still alive today? Aren’t the few who are still alive former KMT soldiers now residing in Taiwan? The Taiwan that they have threatened to unify by force?