Forced Demolition of Veteran’s Property

Cheng Chuan Dong is a resident of Nanyang, Henan Province. He is also a veteran of the PLA and a member of the CCP. In 2020, the government of Henan offered him a compensation of 34,000 yuan to acquire his property. Since the compensation was far below the market value of the property, Cheng rejected it.

14 January 2021

After the front door of his shop was knocked down, he came out dressed in his military uniform and his documents verifying his ownership of the property. They even mocked his military outfit, saying that they were fake. This is particularly insulting to Cheng because there are laws that punish disrespect for PLA veterans.

Mrs Cheng collapsed from a heart attack. Cheng asked the demolition team to send his wife to hospital immediately. They ignored him and they had to wait for the ambulance which took 10 mins to arrive. Cheng regrets that as a soldier, he defended his country but failed to defend his own property and family against bullies.

Cheng tried to tell his story on Chinese social media, but all traces of the 2021 videos have been wiped clean by Chinese censorship.