Tragic and Toxic 41-day Marriage

A gold-digging woman in China caused her ex-husband to commit suicide.

Su Xiangmao 苏享茂, the founder and developer of the international communication software “WePhone” in China, committed suicide by jumping from the top floor of his home in 2017.

He even posted a chilling suicide note on social media, stating that his death is caused by his ex-wife who cheated on the marriage and took away 13 million RMB in just a few months. He also revealed that she had extorted 10 million RMB from him in their divorce.


In response to the public uproar back then, Su’s ex-wife Zhai Xinxin 翟欣欣 insisted that Su Xiangmao’s suicide had nothing to do with her. Su Xiangmao’s elder brother then filed a lawsuit against Zhai Xinxin for the return of the gifts. The verdict was finally out in 2023

According to Chinese media reports, the whole incident happened in 2017. On March 30, 2017, Su Xiangmao and Zhai Xinxin met on a dating website. From the day they met, Zhai had already started asking him for money, but Su Xiangmao, the wealthy entrepreneur, didn’t seem to mind. Less than 3 months after their first meeting, the couple registered their marriage on June 7 2017. While dating, Zhai Xinxin claimed to have “only dated one boyfriend”. It was discovered that she actually had a marriage record. Again, Su didn’t seem to mind.


After marriage, Zhai Xinxin continued to milk Su. She urged Su to sell the Beijing apartment purchased before marriage because she had a “fear of heights” and buy another property. Su Xiangmao suddenly came to his senses. He realised what Zhai Xinxin had in mind. According to Chinese laws, Su Xiangmao’s Beijing apartment was considered pre-marital asset. In the event of divorce, Zhai Xinxin would not have a share of it. However, if they sold it after marriage and bought a new property, the new property would be considered post-marital assets. When the two got divorced, Zhai Xinxin would have a share of the property. Su refused to sell the Beijing property.

At this point, Zhai Xinxin threatened to divorce him. She even threatened to destroy his business by going to a relative in the police force in Beijing to make his business impossible to run. It seemed that Su had often used VPN without permission from the authorities to get up to speed with world news and also under declared his company’s profits.

She not only extorted 10 million from him but also demanded for a property in Sanya to stop her from reporting him. Su ended up buying the Sanya property without selling the Beijing property, incurring huge costs in the process.


After spending all his money on Zhai, Su found that his company was running into cash flow problems. Seeing everything he had achieved in life going up in smoke, he became depressed and agreed to divorce. Still not satisfied with the “compensation”, Zhai continued to extort money from him.

The trigger for his suicide is this public post that Zhai made on social media. She called him a cheat, a tax evader and playboy, hepatitis B carrier who regularly broke the law by using VPN to access the web. After reading this, Su prepared a highly detailed suicide note with all the documents, receipts and evidence of Zhai Xinxin’s manipulation before committed suicide by jumping off a building in the early morning of September 7, 2017.


In the suicide note posted on the Internet, he attributed his downfall to his toxic, gold-digging wife Zhai Xinxin. They had only met 161 days ago and registered their marriage 92 days ago. In other words, their marriage lasted only 41 days. Su’s elder brother then brought a civil suit against Zhai Xinxin to recover the assets she had milked from his late brother.

Zhai Xinxin argued in court that she had not cheated or extorted money from Su Xiangmao. All the property transfers were voluntarily carried out by Su and Su’s suicide had nothing to do with her. She also insisted that she had legal rights to Su Xiangmao’s property. Su has signed two agreements with regards to their new post-marital property at Sanya, Hainan.


Agreement 1: “After the divorce, the man will unconditionally cooperate with the woman to go to the relevant department in Sanya, Hainan to sign and complete the transfer procedures of the house ownership to the woman. If the man does not cooperate, the woman will be compensated with 3 million liquidated damages.”

Agreement 2: “The man voluntarily compensates the woman 10 million yuan in cash in one lump sum.”

It was amply clear that Zhai had planned to divorce Su once she had acquired the properties! Since Su Xiangmao and Zhai Xinxin registered their marriage on June 7, 2017 and divorced on July 18 2017, the court determined in April 2023, that this was a “flash marriage and divorce”. The court also ruled that Zhai’s rapid acquisition of property and money in her name soon after marriage was suspicious. Since Su and his company was already experiencing financial problems due to the enormous drawdowns, he must have been coerced to pay the millions to Zhai during divorce proceedings. The court revoked the two agreements on the Sanya property.

In addition to requiring Zhai Xinxin to return relevant property, the court also required Zhai Xinxin to return a Tesla car, Cartier jewelry worth 310,000 yuan and related cash, totaling 10 million yuan. At the same time, the court also revoked Zhai Xinxin’s ownership of Su Xiangmao’s two properties in Hainan and Beijing.

The three videos below feature an interview conducted by China’s then top investigative journalist Wang ZhiAn (currently in exile in Japan) when Su Xiangmao’s brother’s case against Zhai Xinxin was still pending. Zhai Xinxin may have lost the properties she got from Su Xiangmao, but she is free to carry on with her life while nothing can bring back the life and promising career of Su Xiangmao. I’m sharing Zhai Xinxin’s photos for the benefit of those who happen to meet her on a dating site.