Taking Full Advantage of Your Rights

Who says you need to be punished to turn over a new leaf? Jeff is legendary. He may not seem very well-educated, but this guy is simply brilliant. Please note that this only works if the police have no evidence against you and are trying to entrap you into a confession. Obviously, as a drug addict, ou won’t stand a chance of being released if you’re in Singapore.

Nine steps of interrogation

The Reid technique’s nine steps of interrogation are:

  1. Positive confrontation. Advise the suspect that the evidence has led the police to the individual as a suspect. Offer the person an early opportunity to explain why the offense took place.
  2. Try to shift the blame away from the suspect to some other person or set of circumstances that prompted the suspect to commit the crime. That is, develop themes containing reasons that will psychologically justify or excuse the crime. Themes may be developed or changed to find one to which the accused is most responsive.
  3. Try to minimize the frequency of suspect denials.
  4. At this point, the accused will often give a reason why he or she did not or could not commit the crime. Try to use this to move towards the acknowledgement of what they did.
  5. Reinforce sincerity to ensure that the suspect is receptive.
  6. The suspect will become quieter and listen. Move the theme of the discussion toward offering alternatives. If the suspect cries at this point, infer guilt.
  7. Pose the “alternative question”, giving two choices for what happened; one more socially acceptable than the other. The suspect is expected to choose the easier option but whichever alternative the suspect chooses, guilt is admitted. There is always a third option which is to maintain that they did not commit the crime.
  8. Lead the suspect to repeat the admission of guilt in front of witnesses and develop corroborating information to establish the validity of the confession.
  9. Document the suspect’s admission or confession and have him or her prepare a recorded statement (audio, video or written).

Jeff saw through all this nonsense. He knew they had no evidence against him and he just waited it out. Was he guilty? Who knows? Interestingly, Jeff went on to kick the drug habit and has become a YouTuber of sorts. Good for him. It has often been argued that prosecution and imprisonment are the only way to rehabilitate these junkies. That may not always be the case.