Why Not Eat Bak Chor?

“何不食肉糜” is a phrase often used by Chinese people to show how out of touch leaders are with the ground.


During the Jin Dynasty 晋朝 (after Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms), Emperor Jin Hui Di 晋惠帝司马衷(259—306)received a report from his officials that the country has been plagued by famine. People have been digging up the roots of grasses and clay to satiate their hunger. Many have starved to death.

Jin Hui Di was puzzled. Comfortable and well-fed in his palace, he asked his officials: “百姓无粟米充饥,何不食肉糜?”

“Since the people have no rice or millet to eat, why not eat ground meat?”

Bak Chor Mee 2