Deeper and Deeper Into Trouble

As Wen Jiabao pointed out, economic reforms cannot take full effect without political reforms. The Party understands that political reforms are necessary, but they cannot accept them. That includes a lot of “reformers” who still believe that only the CCP can govern China.

My favourite part of Comrade Ma’s presentation is the emotional ending: “They are victims, but when you probe a little deeper, you’ll find that they are not innocent victims. In fact, they themselves are the cause of all the additional suffering they face (on top of what the State imposes on them). The simple concept of “patriotism” is enough to control all hearts and minds. People can abandon themselves, their parents, their children in showing love for the country. There is such a weird population in this world. Before we can help them, they must first be sufficiently tortured by the CCP until they wake up.”.