More Banking Troubles

Xiao Shu is facing his first major banking issue. He bought some endowment funds some time ago and decided to redeem then upon maturity but his card suddenly didn’t work. He approached his bank but was given lame excuses like they blocked his card because of unauthorised use. He asked for the statement showing unauthorised use, but they were unable to produce it. They also claimed to be unauthorised to unblock his card.

Xiao Shu only managed to get them to fix his problem when he yelled at the folks at the main office and demanded to see their leader. Apparently, his card was blocked for “suspicious activity” after he applied for more than one card within a short period of time. These are obviously orders from the top. One must be very careful with Chinese financial products and bank operations. Banks are now under great pressure to block capital flight and fund ailing property developers. Xiao Shu is not the only “suspect”. Many netizens have faced the same risk. Trust these banks at your own risk.