Wang Ju In Ukraine

Finally some action. Former CCTV investigative reporter Wang Zhi An going solo and reporting independently from the frontline. 👍 Respect. I’m not sure if the refugees were actually speaking Russian, but I can understand a few words.

Videos like this will only reaffirm what we already know about this war. Too many mainlanders and even their supporters outside China who have access to this video will still believe that the Ukrainians brought this on themselves. They believe that they are suffering because they are against “reunification”.

The fact is, no matter how hard you hit them, fans of the Party will remain its diehard fans. We’re talking about faith and a religion here. Facts will not change their belief in their “god”. Is Wang Ju (Wang Zhi An) wasting his time if his objective is to open the eyes of the brainwashed folks? I certainly think so.