Tang Shan Victims Dead?

The families of the 4 victims have become uncontactable. The hospital where they were supposed to be warded is now heavily guarded. A reporter who merely tried to obtain information from the staff was arrested. The scene of the crime was locked up but it had been visited by suspicious strangers in the night.

The official media had not released any information on how the case was progressing. All they provided was a telephone recording from an unnamed member of the hospital staff claiming that the rumour that the 4 victims had died “is probably certainly untrue”.

The authorities also warned the public not to believe and spread rumours. But what exactly is the truth? Why is it that the authorities are covering up? Do such things happen elsewhere in the world? Yes and no. The beatings, yes, but the way a legitimate government handles the crime? No. Who knows how many more George Floyds there have been in China.