Escaping China

A very interesting interview with former escapee Kent Wong. Wei Yu hails him as one of the grandfathers of Chinese escapees. This may beg the question, why are so many people living in the free world envious of those who are living in China? Will Mr Wong consider going back to the “New China”? Is there something which he knows about China but those foreign admirers don’t? Many of those still basking in the glory of the age of modernisation and reforms seem unaware that history is already repeating itself.

For the longest time, Chinese people have been telling me that they want to leave China. The most common reason was 变数太大. And for the longest time, I didn’t understand what that meant. China is so prosperous and progressive. Why do these people want to leave. It’s only in recent years that I’ve come to realise what 变数太大 meant. While everything looks nice and rosy in the cities, it’s not the same everywhere in China. What appears to be the most stable political system in the world demands huge sacrifice from the commoners with its process of dynamic adjustments. Nobody’s rights are protected when a big adjustment takes place. Overnight, due to political reasons, everything that you have built up over the years could be rendered worthless. Every good deed you’ve been praised for can become crimes.

There are still people who cannot believe that a country so successful economically could so dangerous for average person just minding his own business. Mr Wong gives us all the details from his experience.