Xinjiang Secrets – what they know but don’t want you to know

This is literally insider’s news.

Wang Zhi An. An honest, hardnosed and reputed journalist cum TV host, his meteoric rise and his sudden downfall were both because of money. Like everyone, Wang started off as an obedient journalist who towed the Party line. Quite by accident, Wang took on the role of investigative journalist, interviewing controversial characters and became an overnight success. As his critical, analytical approach was new and refreshing, the audience loved it. His show drew hundreds of millions of viewers. In spite of the political risks, the authorities allowed his show to go on.

That was until he started asking hard questions about certain TCM practices and products. He crossed two OB markers. Firstly, he went against the Party’s push for “confidence in Chinese culture”. Secondly, he was undermining the big businesses playing on the people’s ignorance of TCM.

Fired from his job and cancelled on all social media platforms in China, Wang Zhi An fled to Japan where he started broadcasting from his own YouTube channel. In the video below, he reveals what he knows about Xinjiang (but was prevented from reporting). I hope the people who doubt the Western media’s reports on Xinjiang can take a look at this.

All cooking knives in Xinjiang owned by Uyghur people must be registered and chained to kitchen walls. Except for the poster boys and girls, it’s nearly impossible for the average Xinjiang resident to travel freely throughout China let alone go overseas. The attack on the police station was not really an anti-Han riot. The police chief was a Uyghur. They were fighting the administration.

Wang will analyse the evolution of Xinjiang’s racial tension in future videos. Can’t wait.