Patriotism As a Form of Business

Wu Jing strongly denies that he has been capitalising on nationalism and patriotism to sell his movies. He faced tough questioning from fired TV host Wang Ju (real name Wang Zhi An).

Wang Ju was once China’s most popular TV host for current affairs with hundreds of millions of fans. His popularity was only slightly behind Wu Jing. It shows that the Chinese audiences welcomed his tough questioning of newsmakers. Wang Ju was allowed to thrive purely because of his commercial value on national TV. But once they decided that he had crossed the line, they fired him.

Below is a “confession” video recounting the events that led to his firing and social media death sentence. He was too influential and his criticism of certain TCM companies, their products and their shady kickbacks sealed his fate.

Wang Ju being interviewed. He talked about his program and how it reflected the changing values in Chinese society.