Starving People In Shanghai

There are several additional steps in the food/groceries distribution chain in Shanghai due to the current Covid restrictions. Even after the items (whether they are complimentary items from the government or goods bought online) have been delivered to the building, they have to be left at a holding area.

Wang Ge Zhang 网格长 is a member of the residential committee in charge of bringing the delivered items to the various households. From the voice messages, these community leaders were obviously not doing their jobs. Comrade Li Lansi who uploaded the video commented on how compliant Chinese people are. Even when their children are starving, they dared not step out of their homes to collect their food supplies without approval from the authorities. Are Chinese people that difficult to govern? Certainly not.

As for the 网格长, they could be volunteers expecting something in return for the favours they were doing, or some could just be trying to enjoy the wicked pleasure of having the power to make others plead.

However, it should also be noted that not all the Big Whites know how to exploit the system. Some of them end up buying their own protective gear.