The Great Translation

Since time immemorial, people who understand Chinese have been translating Chinese articles into languages that people in the rest of the world could understand. But this was never done on as massive a scale as the 大翻译 movement going on now. I’m not at all surprised that such a movement would one day take the world by storm. In fact, I’ve been waiting for it to happen. It would be a great service to China., saving their official media a lot of trouble. Let the rest of the world know what the Chinese government has been telling its people. Let everyone know what they are teaching in their classrooms. Let everyone have a glimpse of the what kind of videos (are allowed to) go viral on 抖音。The surprising irony is, the Chinese authorities consider this movement a threat to their national security. But isn’t the movement helping them to to get their message across to the rest of the world? Isn’t this illogical that they should consider their own message to their people a threat? Are they going to block their own propaganda in a different language?