Destination Locked Down

It’s difficult to sympathise with unreasonable victims, especially when they put the blame on folks who are neither responsible for their predicament nor are in the position to help them. I have encountered numerous similar situations at the bus stations, train stations and airports all over China.

What’s going on here is a flight from Brazil that transits in Switzerland en route to China is unable to take off from Switzerland because the airport in China has been locked down. The stranded passengers could not leave the airport as they did not have a visa. Their only option was to return to Brazil which they simply refused to do and they had the audacity to stage a protest at the airport against the Swiss authorities and blamed the airline for being unreasonable. How could they take off when the destination airport is locked down?

The next part deals with a prominent CCTV host who performed her duty of praising the party in front of the camera. Behind the scene, she was recorded as not showing sympathy for the victims of the Japanese invasion. Her speech was recorded by her son’s ex-girlfriend and she appeared on dou yin to publicly shame and report her.

Reminds me of Lin Biao’s daughter, an overzealous Red Guard reporting on her whole family.