Jiangxi Shangrao Wellness Village

In the video below, Comrade Shi Bingfeng shows us Jiangxi’s Shangrao Wellness Village, proudly brought to you by Evergrande, a Chinese property developer that ought to be insolvent and gone bust many times by now, but incredibly, its stock in still trading on HKEx. Bankruptcy with Chinese characteristics?

This 养生谷 is actually a ultra luxurious housing development with a focus on wellness and healthcare. There are schools, parks, gyms, dance studios and sports centres here. The commercial area is replete with restaurants, wineries, spas and other wellness centres. There are also specialist clinics.

The villas here are constructed with a Disney theme and this is the advertisement. Comrade Shi joked that if not for the project being abandoned, he would never have a chance to get in and see how the ultrarich in China live. The luxurious villas here are up for grabs. If you wish to buy, you can check this out. The reality is this: