Cool To Be Cruel

Their numbers are not small. Some say it publicly like this woman. Some say it privately like a Physics PhD student in the US. See WeChat screenshot below.

UIUC博士在几百人的大群发表法西斯言论“希望老毛子不顾伤亡干死乌克兰…杀平民越多对我们下一步越有利…” 我一直说大国精英善偷技术卖技术,进名校危害极大,学成后为虎作伥帮着独裁者统一世界,得罪众多推上的人。是我低估了,它们偷技术卖技术实属小问题,还在学技术就想着杀害平民、死越多越好.

The screenshot was taken from a WeChat group with over 100 members. The Chinese scholar said he wished that Putin would stop at nothing to force Ukraine to surrender, even if it means killing civilians – the more the merrier. It’s going to benefit their “next move” (Taiwan).

“Those who are killed are Ukrainians. It has nothing to do with us and it’s not our duty to pick up the pieces after the war.”

Do take note of such mentality when you are dealing with these people. It’s not politically correct or fair to tar Chinese people with the same brush, but it’s good to take note what some of the brainwashed ultra-nationalists could be thinking.