Chained Woman Update

Actually, for those who have not been following the case, Matt and Winston’s presentation here is a bit disorganised. There are much better reports out there.

I share this because 1) they have picked up a leaked official document and 2) to show that people who label the “Western media” as the enemy of China as a whole are simplistic and even ignorant. The village has now been sealed, all discussion on this case has been banned and all those who have visited the woman out of curiosity or compassion are now under surveillance. What next? Can 铁链女 be trained to tell the “other Western media” that there is no trafficking, no abuse, she is 小花梅 from Yunnan, not 李莹 from Sichuan and it’s all a misunderstanding?

These two 中国女婿 in America are now speaking out on behalf of enraged Chinese netizens who have lost their voices. For more on sex slavery and human trafficking in China, check out Miss Park Yeon Mi’s book.

Below is my review of Miss Lee Hyeon Seo’s book.