China’s 7 Most Embarrassing Moments 2021

1. Prominent and influential 五毛 Zheng Guocheng getting drunk, revealing his real thoughts about the regime and debating with sober 五毛 on a 4-hour livestream. He later apologised but his career as 五毛 is over.

2. 五毛 second-guessing the government claiming that power outages were a part of a big game plan to cripple the US economy. Afraid of high expectations and subsequent disappointment (as in No. 4), the authorities stepped in a declared that there was no game plan.

3. Foreign ministry’s Hua Chunying’s glaring misstep in a statement claiming that Chinese nationals have the right to use (misuse) Facebook just as foreigners have the right to use highly censored Weibo after being called out for the numerous fake accounts.

4. Hu Xijin’s repeatedly retreating red line, threatening invasion of Taiwan with every revelation of US military involvement.

5. Wilson Edwards, the fictional made-in-China “Swiss expert” who alleged at China state media’s behest, that the US was meddling in efforts to find the origins of Covid-19.

6. Netizens expressing impatience with state media’s overindulgence in problems in the US.

7. PLA promising they will invade soon, telling Chinese netizens they will soon see the rain Taipei. 五毛 flooded social media, looking forward to unification. Soon, soon, soon.

I would rank Hua Chunying’s statement as No. 1. Casually and carelessly saying that Chinese nationals have the right to use relatively uncensored Facebook just as foreign nationals have the right to use tightly controlled Weibo when everyone knows that Facebook is blocked in China and only the privileged 五毛 are in the position to create multiple fake accounts is a big fat joke.