Bully’s Protest

In countries with the freedom to protest, protesters who hit the streets always claim victimhood and demand for justice and/or policy changes. Not everyone knows that. In August 2019 in Canada, this paunchy woman who is a Chinese student studying there (ostensibly the daughter of some high ranking party official) organised what she thought was a “protest march” consisting of a fleet of sportscars driven by her fellow countrymen.

With their Ferraris, Porches and Lamborghinis draped in Chinese flags, they drove onto the streets of Vancouver and Toronto, sounding their horns and revving their powerful engines. The “protesters” were trying to make a statement against Hong Kong protesters and their Canadian sympathisers. Not surprisingly, they got a lot of thumbs down.

This woman was seen sticking her neck out of her car and shouting “穷逼(poor asses)” at the Canadians on the streets. I hope the Canadians and other fellow human beings realise that such behaviour has nothing to do with Chinese culture or being Chinese.