Chinese Miracles

The Wenzhou HSR collision accident occurred 23 July 2011. As of 31 July 2011, Chinese authorities had failed to provide any logical explanation of why the safeguards built into the CTCS-2 signal technology had failed to work in the Wenzhou collision.

It’s interesting that Leonard should bring this case up now because it shows a sharp contrast in China’s freedom of speech and the press back then as compared to now. Of course, there were lame excuses and coverups back then, but the people dared to question the authorities’ explanations. The authorities’ shoddy “investigation” and a prompt burying of the wreckage caused a huge uproar among the Chinese public.

How much have Chinese people changed over the last 10 years? They have all bottled up their feelings like Yang Feng. The acccident would almost certainly have been ruled as a natural disaster. All reporters challenging the official account and netizens raising their doubts will be silenced.