Inside The Propaganda Machine

Chinese immigrant Amani gives us an insider’s view of what goes on in China’s state-run media, how she escaped from the system that almost made her kill herself (while most were OK with it) and ended up in America. It needs to be pointed out that the majority in China would not do what she has done because they have been successfully bred as economic animals and political vegetables. As long as their material needs are satisfied, the people’s conscience can be put on hold. However in recent years, wages have not be rising in tandem with cost of living, especially the cost of housing. The authorities have gone back to using communist indoctrination to satisfy the disgruntled, pulling down a few of the rich and famous in the process. Those of us who were so excited by the progress and opportunities in China 10 years ago (like me) should be rethinking our investment strategies.

Many older fogies fail to keep up with the rapid changes in the world. They think that Deng Xiaoping’s philosophy of 改革开放 are still in force. China is not the only one that has changed and becoming more Maoist. It’s such an irony that even though China keeps demonising the US when the US is actually becoming more like China, thanks to the woke movement, the ultra left and their cancel culture.